Women's Health Week workout

All week we’ve been giving you sneak peeks of exercises from our Women’s Health Week workout. Now, it’s time for the big reveal! Below you’ll find exercises for your back, your booty, your arms and your legs – all thanks to the strong, beautiful women on #TeamBPI.

Sandra Perez – Shoulders

Shoulder Press (4×15)
This is a great compound movement to start warming up those shoulders.

Sandra shoulder press

Hanging Side Raises (3×12)
Tip: Don’t swing or jerk while performing these. Use control on your way up.

Sandra hanging side raises

Upright Rows (4×20)
Tip: As you lift the barbell, you want to make sure your elbows are higher than your forearms.

Sandra upright row

Single Side Raise (5×5)
These are my fav to use as a finisher to burn out those shoulder boulders because you’re holding one arm up the entire time, while doing the single side raise with the other arm.

Sandra single side raise

Camilla Payne – Back

10-minute Warm Up
Tip: Warm up with a resistance band to help increase mobility and correctly activate the dormant muscles. This will also help increase your range of motion.

Heavy Lift
First warm up with 15 reps with the bar. This helps get your body warm, primes your nervous system and all your muscles for that movement and gets you ready to lift heavier weight. Your heavy lift should be 80% of your 1-rep max.

How to Determine 1-Rep Max
Depending on how heavy the bar feels, start by adding anywhere from 2.5 lbs. to 10 lbs. to each side. Do sets of 5 reps at this weight. If you were able to complete those reps both without losing form and without the speed of the bar slowing, add more weight to the bar. Continue to do this until your form starts to break down. The weight you used right before your form started to break down is your starting weight.

Rack Pulls (4×8 at 80% of your 1-rep max)


Bent-over Rows (4×8 at 80% of your 1-rep max)


Superset (3×10 at 70% of your 1-rep max):
Wide-grip Pull Downs


Close-grip Pull Downs


Burn Out Set (4 sets at 18, 16, 14 and 12 reps):
Starting at about 70% of your 1-rep max and increasing weight every round. Must go until failure!

Stiff-arm Lateral Rope Pull Downs


Narmin Assria – Glutes

Stationary Lunges on Smith Machine
Step forward with one leg, lowering your hips until both knees are bent at a 90-degree angle. Make sure the knee upfront is directly above the ankle, not pushed out too far, and make sure your other knee doesn’t touch the floor. Drive through your heels as you push back up to the starting position. That’s one rep. Rest 60-90 seconds between sets.
Warm-up Set: 15 reps
Warm-up Set: 15 reps
First Working Set: 12 reps
Set 4: 8 reps
Set 5: 6 reps

Narmin lunges

Dumbbell Berlin Split Squat
I like doing these while standing wide enough to really get low, putting that front leg, booty and hamstrings to work. The trick with this is to always drive up through your heel, engaging your glutes and hamstrings. At the top, squeeze with your back leg (the one on the bench).
Set 1: 12 reps
Set 2: 12 reps
Set 3: 10 reps
Set 4: 10 reps

Narmin split squat

Donkey Kicks
Get on all fours with your hands shoulder-width apart and knees straight below your hips. This is your starting position. Keeping your knees bent, foot flexed and abs tight, lift your right leg straight up behind you until your thigh is parallel to the floor. Bring your leg back down to the starting position. Repeat 15-20 times for each leg.

Sumo Wide Stance Deadlift
Get in a wide stance with your toes pointing outward. Position your hands close together on the bar and control your motion on your way up, pushing your hips forward while really squeezing your glutes. Continue these motions for all four sets.
Set 1: 12 reps
Set 2: 12 reps
Set 3: 10 reps
Set 4: 10 reps

Narmin sumo deadlift

Double Pulse Dumbbell Sumo Squat
Get in a wide stance, keeping your toes pointed out. Squat down holding the dumbbell between your legs, going as heavy as possible. Drive up through your heels, thrust through your hips and SQUEEZE! I like doing these in between my stationary lunges. Superset them with each other. Rest 60-90 seconds between sets.
Set 1: 12 reps
Set 2: 10 reps
Set 3: 8 reps
Set 4: 6 reps

Victoria D’Ariano – Biceps

Cable Bicep Curls (4×15)
Use a straight bar attachment. Keep your chest open and up. Keep your arms to your sides. Drive the weight up while keeping your form and also keeping your elbows in the same place. Control the weight on the down portion of this exercise and do not rest the weight down on your legs in between reps.

victoria cable curls

Machine Preacher Curls (3×12-15)
Make sure to keep your elbows in parallel vs. letting them slide inwards. Constant control on the way down. Don’t extend your elbows fully. Contract the biceps and bring the handle upwards.

victoria preacher curls

Alternating Arm Dumbbell Hammer Grip Curls (3×12-15)
Keep your chest open and up. Keep your arms to your sides. Focus on your form and keeping your elbows at your sides as your drive the weight up. Control the weight on the way down.

victoria hammer curls

Savannah Prez – Quads & Hamstrings

When I first started working out, I trained my quads three times a week. Now, I have switched over to only training them once. At a particular point I felt as if they were getting overdeveloped and it was not to my liking, so I turned down the amount of quad workouts per week. I do think big quads look bada$$ but it has to remain feminine. Below I will give you a few exercises that are some of my favorites, as well as a few tips that you can implement in your workout routine.

Here are my exercises for quads:

Leg Press
If I had to choose from all the exercises, leg press is my favorite. Through doing this exercise, my legs have gained a lot of size. I really like training heavy and in my opinion, leg press is one of the best exercises to add to your workout routine to really add size to your quads.

Leg Extension
I really like this exercise. I prefer to do it at the end of my workout because it’s less intense compared to other leg exercises. What I like most about this exercise is that you can really focus on contraction and exhaust your quads entirely.

Reverse Hack Squat
I like reverse hack squat better than the normal hack squat. To me, the normal one feels a little weird to my back. It’s like I push through my back, which is not the essence of the exercise. For an optimal contraction, make sure to put your feet shoulder width apart, keep your back straight during the whole set and go as deep as you can. Another thing to keep in mind is to make sure that your knees don’t cross your toes, otherwise the raise the risk of knee injuries.

Sissy Squat
This one is really a killer. I prefer to do it in a superset with a very heavy exercise and burn out the quads.

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Here are my exercises for hamstrings:

Stiff Leg Deadlift
I prefer doing this exercise at the start of my workout. It’s an exercise I can go really hard on while also being able to perfectly feel the contraction in my hamstrings.

Lying Leg Curl
I always perform my lying leg curl by doing each leg separately, so I can get a lot more contraction in my muscle than I do with both legs together.

Seated Leg Curl
I like doing this exercise at the beginning of my workout. It’s an exercise on which I feel my hamstrings stretch out entirely. I also like to drop set this exercise to really exhaust the muscle.


  • Switch your workout routine every now and then (for example, every three weeks)
  • Dare to play with supersets, pyramid sets and drop sets
  • Always keep your back straight during EVERY exercise you do
  • Don’t stick to the same weight during the whole exercise
  • Limit your rep range between 8-12
  • Focus on good movement instead of trying to lift too heavy

Happy Women’s Health Week!