BPI Bombshell, Sarah Evans, breaks down the best supplements for starting out on your fitness journey.

“When I first started my fitness journey, I became a little overwhelmed by what supplements to use. Being the newbie that I was, how was I supposed to know what companies are best? Or do I actually even NEED supplements to train or improve muscle growth? As time went on, I have learned a few basic things:
1) It is personal preference when it comes to supplement companies and
2) while you don’t NEED supplements for results, they sure can help get you there more effectively.
Yes, there are some companies that have better products and ingredients than others, but if you don’t like the taste of something, you aren’t going to force yourself to drink it. No matter how “good for you” it may be. Here are the two supplements that are my must-haves:
The first is protein powder. It’s faster absorbing than protein that comes from food, and it’s super convenient! Protein powder is simple to use at anytime of the day due to its portability (toss it in a shaker and go) and helps you get in that extra protein necessary for your daily requirements. Protein is also essential in growing and maintaining lean muscle in your body. I prefer to use BPI Sports Whey HD in Chocolate Cookie or their ISO HD in Chocolate Brownie flavor. Not only are these proteins the highest in quality available on the market, but they are so delicious that they can literally cure my sweet tooth cravings.
My second essential supplement is BCAAs. Since the body cannot produce its own BCAAs, it is important to add them into your daily routine. I do so daily by using BPI’s Best BCAAs in Blue Raspberry. BCAAs have been found to help your body gain, recover and preserve muscle. Especially crucial if you do cardio often – as you don’t want the hard earned muscle you’ve built to diminish. When taken around workout time, BCAAs are a great energy source for your muscles because of the unique way they metabolize. This supplement can also be sipped on throughout the day if you so choose. Might I add this supplement also tastes awesome and perfectly sweet (which can be extremely beneficial if you have mid-day soda cravings!).
I do believe that the combination of these two supplements, along with proper nutrition and weight training, has allowed me to gain lean muscle and lose fat. Protein and BCAAs are a simple yet effective starting point for anyone who is overwhelmed when starting out on their fitness journey. Once you grow familiar with these products, I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and add in some additional supplements to your regimen. Pre-workouts are great as an extra boost of energy before training. Fat burners, like the recently released Roxy from BPI, are also awesome as a little wake-up to your metabolism and to curb your appetite. Try one or try both and take your physique to the next level. If it works for me, it can work for you!”
Sarah Evans is a member of Team BPI Sports.