cheat meal

BPI Sports athlete, Sarah E. Evans, shares how she carries out her cheat meals so that she doesn’t go overboard with the indulgences. Read up on her planning tips, best timing guidelines and how she works out the day of her “heavenly cheat meal,” as she calls it.

As much as I do love living my healthy lifestyle, I can hardly wait ’til the weekend (or whatever day I choose, but for me, it’s often over the weekend) for a heavenly cheat meal. Typically, this consists of some melty, cheesy, crispy, mouthwatering pizza. Yet still, I do like to put some guidelines on my “cheat meal” in order not to woe in the aftermath. Cheat meal GUIDELINES? You may be thinking “it’s a CHEAT MEAL” for a reason, relax! However, it’s very easy to get carried away – especially after depriving your body of these cravings for several days at a time. Check out my tips below and hopefully these how-to-cheat-meal tips will help you with your next lip-smacking cheat!

Sarah Evans lunges

Get your body hungry

I like to work out hard on my cheat meal day so this usually means Fridays work best for me. When I have had a good workout the day of, I feel like my body welcomes the “extra fuel” from the carbohydrates and fat overload. I might even throw in a little extra cardio that day to rev up my metabolism.

Time your cheat the right way

If it were up to me, I would only do my cheat meals at lunch or mid afternoon. This isn’t always the case and is many times impossible due to day-to-day activities/life. The earlier you “cheat” in the evening, the more time your body has time to properly digest and process the food before heading to bed.

Sarah Evans Best BCAA

Drink lots of water

Super important! Usually when I go for a cheat meal, it involves a sodium overload compared to what my body is used to so I make it a point to drink plenty of water during and after the meal. Also drinking several glasses of water before your meal (and throughout the day) will make you feel more full and less likely to over eat later. At the end of the day though, it is a cheat meal. Definitely live a little!

Sarah Evans cheat meal

Be a picky eater

I am a sucker for cheeseburgers and pizza. I could literally alternate between the two daily for my meals… but I don’t! They are often my go to cheat meals, though. Make the experience fun by picking a place that maybe you haven’t tried before but has good reviews from friends. Every now and then, hit up your favorite joint! Pick a dish that you know will satisfy that savory or sweet craving you’ve been yearning for.

Plan it out!

Plan ahead for whichever day you choose to indulge in a meal “fit for a king” (or queen). I find when we plan to do our cheat meal, say on a Friday, it gives us something to look forward to at the end of the week. Doing that also gives you a little motivation to work out hard all week long knowing how scrumptious your jalapeño cheeseburger will be! And it becomes that much more satisfying after holding out.

Once it is done, it is done

After enjoying your meal don’t dwell on it. Start back on your meal plan or regular eating habits with the next meal you consume. Remember not to let the guilt build up about having your cheat meal – as one meal won’t destroy your progress. If anything, your cheat meal will help your progress. When your body adapts to eating healthy, nutrient-rich meals and you have a cheat, it’s as if you are giving a little shock to your metabolism (waking it up a little). Cheat meals are not a negative thing, but are often placed in a negative light. It’s part of the process. Enjoy your cheat and be done with it.

Sarah Evans is a member of Team BPI Sports.