pick a pre-workout

So, you’re ready to try a pre-workout. Although not required to get results, many people find that taking one helps them go harder at the gym for longer. Ingredients vary, but in general, you can expect a pre-workout to improve your endurance, focus and energy levels. Picking the right one depends on your goals and training style, but to help you decide, we’ve broken out our four options in ascending intensity:

Best BCAA™ w/Energy 

Our newest addition to the pre-workout family is Best BCAA™ w/ Energy. If you’re trying to figure out the level of stimulants you’re comfortable with, this formula is comparable to a cup of coffee, so it’s a great starter. Take it before your workout or mid-afternoon for a quick pick-me-up. It’s the perfect substitute for sugar-loaded energy drinks. Plus, it also contains BCAAs for muscle building support, optimal recovery and improved performance.


Another newcomer, BAM!™, is a mid-level stimulant with additional ingredients to boost performance, like carnitine, citrulline and CDP-Choline. It uses a patented Liposomal Matrix Delivery System™ that helps these ingredients bypass the gastric system for optimal absorption rates and bioavailability.

Best Pre Workout™ 

Best Pre Workout™ was formulated as the first ever ketogenic pre-workout to help support athletes following a keto diet. Due to the low intake of carbs required to reach ketosis, many people experience the “keto flu” during the adaptation phase, which is characterized by low energy and mental “fogginess.” Best Pre Workout™ contains MCTs and BHB salts that act as fuel for your mind and body in a carb-depleted state. It also has caffeine to give you a boost of energy.


1.M.R™ is the mac daddy of pre-workouts, with the strongest amount of stimulants. If you’ve never tried a pre-workout before, we recommend starting with a quarter or half scoop to see how it affects you – yes, it’s that strong! Expect increased energy, focus and a tingly feeling in your skin from the Niacin.

Putting one to the test sometime soon? Be sure to tag us and let us know what you think!