Noel Arevalo powerlifting

Team BPI athlete and nationally-qualified powerlifter, Noel Arevalo, takes a few minutes to answer questions about powerlifting.

What are your three favorite exercises?
My top three favorite exercises would be squatting, deadlifting and dumbbell overhead press. Squatting and deadlifting are two of my favorite exercises because they hit multiple, different muscle groups in one exercise, as opposed to an isolation movement that only hits once muscle group.  The more frequency your muscles get the more progression you’ll see.  The squat and deadlifts both work your quads, glutes, hamstrings, lower back and core. The dumbbell overhead press is also one of my favorites because this movement hits multiple different muscle groups in your upper body, such as your shoulders, delts, biceps and triceps. Remember, the more frequently a muscle group gets worked, the more progress you’ll make!

How important is form in powerlifting?
The big three in powerlifting are squatting, benching and deadlifting – and form is everything. Powerlifters tweak the form with bench in particular. For example, on the bench you will see a lot of powerlifters with extreme arches in their backs. This not only keeps your back a lot tighter and safer, which most people don’t know, but it also makes the range of motion shorter from the top of the movement to the bottom. This allows you to push more weight. As far as the deadlift and squat go, you want to make sure with both, your bar path is in correct position. The bar path for both movements is when the bar travels as close to your midfoot as possible throughout the entire movement. This will help you avoid any spinal flexion (rounding of back) and also help you exert out the most force out of the movements. A few important things to remember with form on all three: breathing is very important. Breathing is what keeps our spine neutral and our lower backs safe for all three movements.

Do you think someone who is new to powerlifting should compete?
If it’s something you have been curious about then ABSOLUTELY! Competing is a skill, so the faster you jump on that platform, the better you will get at it.  The beauty of powerlifting is that it can never be subjective. If you lift a weight, no one can say you didn’t. You either get the weight up or you don’t – it’s simple. Another thing I love about powerlifting is that it’s a nice way to track instant progress, something you don’t really experience with bodybuilding. It’s more encouraging and rewarding in that way.

Which BPI Sports supplements have helped you the most?
The BPI Supplements that helped me the most throughout my 14 months of strength training for my powerlifting meets were Best Creatine™ and Best Glutamine™. Creatine helped with endurance in my workouts when I needed it. I never realized how taxing on the nervous system powerlifting was!  Glutamine not only helped with glycogen storage (which fuels your workouts) but with recovery. Days that I didn’t take both I would really feel the difference.

Noel Arevalo is a member of Team BPI Sports.