contest prep season supplements

Contest prep season is in full swing! Fitness competitions are the pinnacle of bodybuilding, featuring only the best athletes in the best shape of their lives. Before stepping on stage, competitors spend months, sometimes even years, preparing physically and mentally. There’s much more to winning than a tanned body and muscular physique.

Supplements are so popular at this level of competition because they offer athletes the extra support they need. From muscle recovery and mental clarity, to the energy to power through the last few days of a cut, supplements are the key to pushing their bodies to the limit. If you’re getting ready to take the stage or simply want to intensify your training for better results, take a page out of the bodybuilder’s book and keep reading. We’ve compiled a list of some of the BPI Sports supplements we recommend to help you reach your fitness goals.

ISO HD™: The ultra pure protein powder

During contest prep season, athletes are on a strict diet where every gram counts. When it comes to tracking macronutrients, ISO HD™ protein powder is ideal since it’s low in calories, carbohydrates and sugar. It’s just 25g of pure 100% whey isolates and hydrolysates at around 110 calories per scoop. There’s no maltodextrin (aka the bad sugar) or other fillers. You can take it before or after your workout for lean muscle growth. When taken post-workout, ISO HD™ supports muscle recovery and helps prevent muscle breakdown, which is important for athletes like bodybuilders who are generally in a calorie deficit. With ISO HD™, muscles are saved and fat is lost.

Another reason to trust ISO HD™ is its third-party ChromaDex® verification. This independent company tested each BPI Sports protein and gave them their Quality Verification seal of approval. Basically, you can trust that what’s on the label is actually what’s inside the container. Protein spiking is more common than you may think and when every gram counts, it’s important to know exactly what you’re putting in your body. Thanks to the ChromaDex® seal, you know that every bottle of BPI Sports protein has been tested for quality, purity and safety.


BEST BCAA™: The muscle builder

When competing, the main objective is to build muscle mass and lose fat while also preventing muscle breakdown. BEST BCAA™, a bonded chain of the amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine, is the ideal contest prep season companion because it helps you accomplish all three. Taken first thing in the morning, Best BCAA™ can help stop protein catabolism (muscle breakdown) caused by overnight fasting. Thanks to the CLA Matrix, it also helps you burn excess stored fat. Finally, this muscle building supplement contains agmatine, which helps to manage hydration levels and intensify your workouts, even when you’re running low on carbohydrates and calories. The harder your workout, the greater the muscle growth.


BEST GLUTAMINE™: The recovery formula

Bodybuilding competitors are breaking down their bodies day in and day out during prep season, so muscle recovery and fast repair is key. BEST GLUTAMINE™ minimizes muscle breakdown while improving protein metabolism, your immune system and glycogen replenishment, which restores energy levels. Whether you’re getting ready to compete or just want to train harder, take this recovery supplement after intense training and/or cardio so you can repair muscle tissue fast. You can also take it with your BCAAs.

Best Glutamine

BEST CREATINE™: The power of six

Creatine helps build strength and power in the gym, leading to more intense workouts, better lean muscle gains, improved endurance, better athletic performance and muscle recovery. Strength and power can decrease as competitors move further through their contest prep season and are continuously at a calorie deficit. You still want to try to maintain your strength and power during workouts and throughout prep though, and that’s where BEST CREATINE™ comes in.

With six advanced forms of creatine, you can lift heavier, recover faster and train harder. BEST CREATINE™ also contains betaine anhydrous, which has been shown to increase strength during workouts and help with weight loss through oxidation of lipids (fats). Some people shy away from creatine because of the bloating typically associated with creatine monohydrate, but BEST CREATINE™ was specifically formulated for zero bloat and zero loading phase. Each of the six forms of creatine included provides a different benefit and is absorbed at separate times. This allows the creatine to enter the muscles faster for greater bio-availability.

Best Creatine

1.M.R VORTEX™: The pre-workout supplement

With all the hard work and dedication that goes into training, there’s no doubt athletes are running low on energy during contest prep season. So a pre-workout supplement like 1.M.R VORTEX™ can help intensify your workouts, giving you more strength and better performance. It has all the energy you need for unstoppable productivity at the gym, so you can push through every rep, giving it your all, all the way through prep season.

BURN XS™: The fat burner that won’t quit

Contest prep season calls for a quality fat burner to help athletes shred their bodies. A high-quality thermogenic like BURN XS™ not only helps you lose weight thanks to ingredients like yohimbe, it also allows bodybuilders to dial in mentally and focus more on their workouts. When you’re on a low-carb diet, you tend to feel sluggish during prep season and it’s harder to focus.

BURN XS™ improves productivity in and out of the gym, so you can give it your all, ALL day long. From work to studying to playing with the kids, this fat burner delivers. With more energy, an enhanced metabolism and better athletic performance, it’s no wonder BURN XS™ is an unrivaled thermogenic.

Burn XS