BPI Sports announced today an agreement with ChromaDex Corp. for exclusive retail rights to ChromaDex’s first ever commercially available anti-aging ingredient, NIAGEN® Nicotinamide Riboside.

ChromaDex is one of the most credible, innovative, and respected natural products companies in the world. In August 2015, ChromaDex announced results from the first human clinical study which demonstrated that a single dose of NIAGEN® can elevate the co-enzyme NAD+ in the blood by as much as 2.7-fold and was safe.

ChromaDex’s NIAGEN® is the first and only commercially available form of nicotinamide riboside (NR) and is supported by five patents issued and several pending. BPI Sports plans to market the ingredient under the trade name “The Anti Aging Pill™” and “Enedrex™”. Under the agreement, BPI holds the exclusive retail rights to NIAGEN® in Costco, Meyers, Kroger, Walgreens, Publix, Vitacost, Ulta, Ahold, QVC, eVine Live, Home Shopping Network, Target, and Wegmans.

NIAGEN®, which recently achieved New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) status from the FDA, is perhaps the most effective precursor to boost NAD+ in the cell. An abundance of published studies have demonstrated the potential health benefits of NR as a precursor to NAD+, including increased metabolism, alertness, obesity, neuroprotection, and cardio vascular. However, one of the largest draws to this metabolite booster is its anti-aging properties.

“This ingredient is the first ever commercially available product specifically marketed as an NAD+ Booster and as such, has the potential for both Anti-Aging and Weight Management in ingestible form. NIAGEN® represents real ground breaking science in terms of true life healthspan. It also illustrates BPI Sports continuing to use (NDI) ingredients at a time when compliance within the industry is at the forefront. The fact that we have secured licensing for NIAGEN® exclusivity in many of the top retailers is great news to the consumer.

We will be responsible for making this lesser-known form of vitamin B3 affordable and available at the retail consumer level.” said James Grage, VP and Co-Founder of BPI Sports. “This partnership and exclusivity for NIAGEN™ will set us apart from independent brokers and sellers while enabling us to make a significant difference in the marketplace almost overnight. There are so many health benefits linked to NIAGEN™ and we look forward to sharing them with the rest of the world.”

NIAGEN™ promotes healthy mitochondrial function which plays a huge role in the aging process. Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) is an essential metabolite in all human cells. It plays a key role in cellular metabolism within the “powerhouses of the cell”, the mitochondria. Mitochondria have long been known to perform important cellular functions related to converting nutrients such as fats, proteins and carbohydrates into energy.

With a decline in NAD+ levels, the number and density of the mitochondria are reduced, with the result that they become less efficient, or even dysfunctional. The effect of this decline in mitochondrial function may lead to negative health consequences, including a slower metabolism. As NAD+ levels decrease due to age or lifestyle effects, this natural communication path suffers.

Dr. David Sinclair, a professor of genetics at Harvard Medical School who has studied this process, compares it to a married couple: “When they are young, they communicate well, but over time, living in close quarters for many years, communication breaks down. And just like with a couple, restoring communication solved the problem.” Studies in animals have suggested that stimulating mitochondrial function by increasing the production of NAD+ results in increased longevity as well as other health benefits, including weight management, improvement of blood glucose and insulin sensitivity and neuroprotection.

Published research has shown that NR is perhaps the most effective precursor to boost the co-enzyme NAD+ in the cell. NAD+ is arguably the most important cellular co-factor for improvement of mitochondrial performance and energy. In recent years, NAD+ has been shown to be essential in supporting healthy cellular metabolism including the efficient conversion of blood glucose into energy.

As organisms age, NAD+ levels drop, which leads to a decrease in mitochondrial health; this in turn leads to age-related health issues. Low NAD+ levels limit activity of a group of enzymes called sirtuins, which are believed to play a key role in longevity. NAD+ levels also can be depleted by lifestyle choices such as overeating and lack of exercise. By boosting NAD+, NR can increase mitochondrial health and induce creation of new mitochondria.