BPI Bombshell, Sarah Evans, shares her tips to bounce back to a healthy routine after a long vacation.

When you return from a week-long vacation that may or may not have included indulgent meals eaten out, lack of sleep, and workouts skipped, how do you get back on track? For me, I simply start right back the moment I get home. Why postpone? Whether your break from your normal lifestyle was a couple days, a week, or 2 weeks, the sooner you get back to it, the sooner you’ll be back to seeing results. I use these simple steps to get me back to it in no time!

  1. Water, water, water.
    I know when I stray off track my water intake is DEFINITELY not where it should be. One of the first things I start upon returning from vacation is upping my water intake to at least a gallon of water per day. This will not only help flush those toxins out but will help you feel hydrated, healthy, and almost back to normal.
  2. Get back to basics.
    When it comes to food, I like to stick to the healthier natural foods such as lean protein, rice, potatoes, and veggies. I try and stay disciplined with just the good stuff for a little bit before adding back in some “fun foods” here and there. My body reacts best when I keep it simple after a week off. It’s the best fuel for my body to restart and recharge on what it needs. The first meal I have once I’m finally back home marks the start of the transition back into my healthy lifestyle.
  3. Catch those zzz’s.
    Almost every time I return home from traveling, I am even more exhausted than before I left. Getting plenty of rest will help get you back into your routine. Go to bed a little earlier if you can – as rest is important for working those muscles the next day!
  4. Give it about 24 hours.
    I prefer to wait for the weights after I return home after a long break. I know my body needs to first adjust to getting an adequate amount of water, food, and sleep for my body to function to its full potential. Nothing is worst then going to the gym and feeling sluggish and exhausted because the other pieces of the puzzle haven’t been fixed. I have had far better training sessions after waiting then just jumping right back to it. Also remember to take slow at the gym and remember you might not be lifting the same weight as you had prior. I know when I have been out of the gym for a week, I return a little weaker. But in this case, patience is a virtue.
  5. Accept that what happened, happened.
    Yes, the vacation or long weekend away from your normal routine was fun, but don’t stress over the meals eaten or workouts missed. Instead, focus your attention on moving forward. Make yourself a small goal like not skipping a workout for a week. Something you know is obtainable but will keep you from stressing over what happened. Remember, stressing over all the drinks, desserts, and pizza won’t get your butt moving in the direction you want. Change your mind-set and you’ll change your body simultaneously.

With holiday season coming in hot, keep these tips in mind to get you back to your grind as soon as you return. Don’t ruin a relaxing vacation with stress. You’ll be back to it in no time.